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Small and medium-sized businesses are the cornerstone of our communities. While we all navigate through the uncertainty that the coronavirus has presented, we've gathered some tips and resources to support your business.

Landing Page Business Special

In the midst of COVID-19 awareness, now more than ever is the time to make your online presence known. With this offer you can easily promote a product, offer a discount, receive registrations for an online event or simply announce you're open for business while we all shelter in place.  


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Practical Tips For Businesses During Shelter-In-Place Order

Stay Connected

While the government wrestles with lowering the impact of COVID-19 to the economy, data shows that businesses should continue to stay connnected to consumers.

Host a Virtual Event

Going virtual is important in this business climate, but some businesses may not be sure of how or where to turn to. Google has offered some expertise...

Promote Your Business

Continue promoting your business online as much as possible. Now is the time more than ever to utilize your website. Your website is your most important employee.

Examples of Changed Advertising Messaging From Businesses During Shelter in place:

Local Auto Dealer

The dealer created a digital campaign to focus on 'Service' & 'Parts' rather than selling new/used cars.

Local Mattress Retailer

The retailer updated messaging on their creatives to focus on delivery and online shopping. Additionally, the retailer shifted budget to social channels to reach the increase of people (traffic) that these sites are experiencing amid shelter in place.

Local Amusement Park

The park adjusted their recruiting to focus from Spring to Summer and updated their messaging to focus on the future and helping people plan for when “life gets back to normal"

Online Retailer / Coffee

This retailer shifted budget into an Amazon campaign to promote their wares on that channel. The messaging was changed to focus on discounts for delivery and ecommerce.

Share Your Thoughts

How’s your business doing and what have you done to adjust to the shelter-in-place order?

Share your story with us and encourage others. We’ll feature your tips to help other businesses.


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